A Detroit native, I was born to a young mother who also excelled in the beauty industry. Never did I think I too, would soon walk that same pathway. Growing up, college & a corporate job was drilled into my brain and was ultimately my end game. I was going to be the first grandchild to graduate from a university with a degree. Fast forward 10 years; after being laid off lots of jobs and conquering the plus size fashion industry as a boutique owner, BEAUTY & BROWS are my world. Dubbed “The Browzilla” by my clients for slaying each and every brow I touch, I’m convinced this was my calling all along.

I had to find MY passion. Now a Licensed Esthetician for 6 years, the growth and love I receive is much more than I could’ve ever imagined! I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for me in the future with my brand. If you’ve never experienced a custom brow waxing session, book yours today!

Renita Michelle is a 9-5 turned creative who thrives off teaching women to follow their dreams. A coach by nature who enjoys not only sharing fashion & lifestyle tips, but automation in business and honing in on your craft.
  • Strengthen the plus size industry with a positive light being shown in fashion and styling.
  • Build community in the beauty realm and show fellow esthetician’s how to maximize their earning potential.
  • Sharing the gift of many continuing education opportunities for other licensed esthetician’s.